Monday, March 31, 2008

Times They Are A-Changing

It's official. The 35 year career of Ric Flair has come to a glorious end. I now live in a world where my hero is no longer a mainstay. It feels weird. Last night at Wrestlemania 24 The Nature Boy took his last bow. I confess to getting a bit emotional.

So now what?

Tracy and I are very close to getting the paperwork done to begin the process of purchasing a home to place on the family property.

I am returning to school. I have applied to Midlands Technical College where I plan to earn a 2 year degree in Computer Technology. This is going to help me in my career path. I am also endeavoring to achieve my A+ Certification, followed by Linux+. To those who don't know what I am talking about, welcome to the club!

Things at work are settling down a bit. The end of the quarter push is behind us, and I should be back on the 40 hour a week rotation for about 6 weeks. I will miss the OT though. It will be there again soon, however, as we prepare for the next quarter.

Spring Break is behind us, and we all seem to have picked up a case of the crud. This week I am making my yearly trip to the dentist, and next week I will be visiting my doctor for my 40 year old physical ("You using the whole fist there, doc?").

All-in-all, March was a busy and emotional month. To sum it up in one word, I quote the "Nature Boy" himself: "Wooooooooooooo!"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To Be the Man...on Raw!

Last night Tracy and I were treated to a live WWE event at the Colonial Center. It was Monday Night Raw, and, as he did in the 70s and 80s at the Township Auditorium, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair stole the show.
The moment he stepped out onto the ramp and made his way to the ring, I was suddenly a 14 year old Flair-maniac again. In all of his regalia, he was, perhaps for the last time in Columbia, The Man!
I am but one of millions of guys who got into wrestling because of our hero, The Nature Boy. Flair raised the standard of what wrestling was then, and pioneered it into what it is today. He is the benchmark by which everyone is measured. He is one of my heroes. To see him once again as he was back in the day, was awesome. Plus I was on TV twice!
I know many of my pals probably find my devotion to pro wrestling a bit childish and sophomoric. To them I say to be at the Chapel of Redemption on May 24th when I make what will probably be MY last in-ring appearance with the WFJ. My career was much shorter, and less colorful than Ric Flair's (talk about a gross understatement!), but growing up with him as an icon drove me to do it. I just had to. I had to experience it for myself. I am so glad I did.
Ric Flair is going out as he has always been: at the top of his game and in style.
I am just going out in my church's gymnasium. But like many of today's famous, paid, and well-respected professional wrestlers, I got into wrestling because of Ric Flair, and I am walking away from it because of him, too.
At work today, I told my boss, "I can do anything today, because I saw Ric Flair live!"
My young, 20 year old co-worker asked, "Who is Ric Flair?"
I weep for the future.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Still Alive, but...

10 hours a day, 7 days a week right now at work. No time for much blogging, and not much to say that doesn't have to do with Unix, servers, or CPU modules.

Just popping in to let my blogger pals know I am still around.

Starting tomorrow, it will be 12 hours a day for a while. Loving the OT, though.

Need a haircut, too.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"Everything that has a beginning..."

"...has an end."

These words of the Oracle from The Matrix are so painfully true. Two of my sports heroes are bringing their fabulous careers to an end.

I saw the news that Brett Favre will not be returning next season. Although I am not surprised, I still feel a profound sense of loss as a Packer-Backer. Brett is the only QB whose career I have followed since day one. He helped lead the Pack to championship status, where for years it had seemed hopeless. I will miss seing Number 4 lead our team next year. I really will.

There is also much speculation and likelihood that the Icon of pro wrestling, The Nature Boy, Ric Flair, will be ending his phenomenal career this year. He is 58 years old and still mixes it up with the best.

I cannot remember a time when Ric Flair was not in my life. As far back as I can recall, Ric Flair was there, either on my TV or at Columbia's Township Auditorium. The sense of loss I feel at the thought of him being anything but a wrestler cannot be described here. Furthermore, to try and encapsulate the 35 year career of this man in my humble blog would be an impossible task. I have the chance to see him live, for the first time since I was 15 years old, on March 24th. It may very well be the last time I will see him in this way. I am excited about it, but also profoundly sad.

Maybe the impending retirements of two of my heroes serve to remind me that I am not 15 anymore. Nevertheless, I am thankful for these two men and how they have both entertained and motivated me through their colorful careers.