Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh, Why Not?

This morning I did my usual perusing of my blogger buds to see what is going on with all of my pals. Remember the old days when we would just pick up the phone and call, pass notes at school, or meet at the Kettle? Now we blog.

I digress.

As I was checking out my pals in the blogosphere, I found some interesting posts about Christianity, Politics, Finances, Famous Dave's Ribs, Home makeovers, and spiritual growth issues. I returned to my blog to find Tommy Bowden picking his nose (old news, but still very funny to me).

It may cause my blogger buds to wonder, "Is Todd an idiot?" Not entirely, dear friends.

My blog is, well, mine. It is my world where I am free to blog what I want when I want. There are no agendas here. The Word of Todd is my way of allowing family and friends to check in on me risk free. I also am leaving it for my children (and one day grandchildren) as a way of knowing me after I am gone.

However, I actually do have political, social, religious, and financial views. I just elect not to share them publicly. They are my views, and they are not up for debate as far as I am concerned. But (Ala' Al Pacino in The Godfather) this one time...I will offer my viewpoints if for no other reason than to prove to my blogger pals that I am not a total idiot.

  1. Politically speaking, I am a card-carrying moderate. I used to be a full-fledged Republican. I went to the meetings, wore my Silver Elephant lapel pin, and voted "party only" on every ticket. Time and perhaps wisdom have shown me that politics, like Christianity, is more about BEING right than DOING right. I am thinking of the war in Iraq. War has its place in our society. It is a necessary evil sometimes. I personally feel that the current conflict has overstayed its welcome and that we have not fulfilled our objective in the middle east. The people who are getting rich off of this war are doing all they can to keep it going. I am still paying almost $3.00 a gallon for gas, and I am angry. However, our troops deserve our heartfelt gratitude and respect. They know why they are there, and they are making it possible for us to sleep every night under the banner of freedom. One final political note: HILLARY 2008!

  2. Spiritually speaking, I used to be a Bible-thumping, hard nosed, ultra-conservative. I began to discover that I had become the very thing against which Jesus taught: a Pharisee. I was religious, competitive, and uncompassionate. I was more interested in BEING right rather than DOING right. When my first marriage ended, it caused me to take a long hard look at myself. Particularly because all of my Bible-thumping, hard nosed, ultra-conservative comrades excommunicated me. Apparently there was no room in God's kingdom for a man who couldn't hold his marriage together. I had failed to give compassion as a minister, and when I needed it, compassion was not there for me either. I decided it was time for some changes. By no means have I "arrived," but I treat people differently than I used to. And while God's Word is absolutely true, we do not live in an absolute world. Jesus met people where they were and offered grace. I try to do the same. Pastors Dave and Shane have helped me a lot in this journey. Rick has been my compass. He keeps me real and honest.

  3. Home makeovers are out of the question at this time since I am renting, and were I to take my 7 children to Famous Dave's for rib platters, the math would not be in my favor. My financial life consists purely of debt management. It is getting better....slowly.

  4. I think Adrien Brody is one of the greatest actors of this new generation. I am convinced that Sean Penn is the greatest actor of my generation. Tom Hanks is right up there with him.

  5. I am fanatical about Wisconsin football. Beyond that, I am only fanatical about Jesus and my family, which also includes my closest friends, my cats, and my dog. I love my job; I love my church; I enjoy pro wrestling, though not as much as I used to; I love jazz, but on occasion I will "bang my head" down I-20; Christian music of today makes me ill; on rare occasions, I enjoy a cold beer; if I could go back in time and do something differently in my life, I'd have taken better care of my teeth; I am crazy about my wife but I am not crazy about turning 40; I miss my family in Wisconsin and wish I didn't live so far away, yet I would never want to leave SC.

And that's the way I is.

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